Individual Counseling

Our present day struggles can surface in many different forms.  Many times they emerge in the form of depression, anxiety or a feeling of emptiness.  Events in the present may trigger unresolved wounds of the past, hindering living life to its fullest in the present and having hope for the future.  We will work together to understand the foundation of your problems and develop a plan that will focus on healthy thoughts and new choices.

My experience includes working with:

Healing from Sexual Abuse
Anger Issues
Conflict Resolution
Men’s Issues
Women’s Issues
Grief Counseling
Stress Management
Spiritual Direction


Couples Counseling

One of our deepest joys is having a “one heart” relationship with our spouse.  This, however, takes vulnerable risk and lots of work! Problems are normal during the journey of learning to love each other deeply.  Too often we settle for safety instead of doing the work to have a truly intimate relationship.

My work with couples includes:

Premarital Counseling
Sexual Issues
Conflict Resolution
Healing From Affair
Divorce Recovery


Online Counseling

Many times the busyness of our lives interferes with us getting the help we need!  Though technology can increase the stress in our lives, it can also be used in a healthy way!  Online counseling can allow someone to fit counseling help into a busy schedule.  It can allow someone to continue their  personal growth without the traveling to the office!

It can be perfect for:

Those unavailable during work week
Those who can meet during a break at work
Those who live far away
Those who travel for work
Those who are away on vacation
Those who struggle with significant anxiety