Online Counseling

Online Counseling can be a great alternative for many people to meet for help and growth during  the “ups and downs” of life’s journey.

Ideally, I like to meet with and individual or couple in person for a few sessions to begin building a relationship to help and then blend in online sessions to maintain consistency as well as resolve many barriers that sometimes prohibit meeting for counseling.could 

Get Started!

Phone number: (253) 766-4723

Advantages of Online Counseling

Major studies show online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face therapy*

No waiting rooms, traveling to the counseling office or leaving work

There’s no chance of running into anyone you know in the waiting room!

With no need to go to and office, you save on travel and childcare expenses…and time!

Stay consistent with counseling while on vacation or traveling for work

I can meet with anyone in Washington State.  No need to be local.

No problem…have time to talk at lunch or while on a break?

Higher prossibility to connect to work through an important struggle that can’t wait until the next scheduled session.  If an emergency, first call 911 or crisis hotline.

Private Client Portal

What is Online Counseling?  It is like FaceTime or Skype on privacy steroids!  I use a HIPAA compliant platform for all aspects of connecting with you online.  I provie an individualized “CLIENT PORTAL” that ensures privacy in every online connection. 

All of my email communications are privacy protected through my business email

By selecting the “secure text” option on the CLIENT PORTAL, you will be able to communicate to me via text in a totally HIPAA compliant, private manner

My business phone is secured with HIPAA complaint measures including privacy of your voicemail

The CLIENT PORTAL will allow us to establish a secure video connection through your desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet.  It will be important for you to be in a private location.

Payment for online counseling will be required before each session via the HIPAA compliant, online payment system through the the CLIENT PORTAL. 

*Department of Veterns Affaire: 2012 study of over 98,609 veterans who chose live video care.  25% fewer hospitalizations
*Johns Hopkins University 2009 study of 27 durg addicts randomized to live video group ir inperson care” equal rates of recovery, patients preferred online care.