Insurance & Fees

Having been retired for a period of time and re-entering the counseling world, I am re-applying to be on many insurance panels.  Please contact me to see if I am covered by your insurance.

Most insurance companies offer a significant discount on “out-of-network” counseling care. Check your mental health/counseling benefits with your insurance company. I will gladly do the billing to your insurance company.

For a great discussion of how and why to use out-of-network benefits, check out this blog post by Maggie Jordan of Zencare!

Fees for all services are billed to insurance at the following rates:

  • $175 – Initial Session 
  • $150 – Additional Sessions 
  • $170 – Couples

Self pay fees (at time of service):

  • $150 – Initial Session
  • $130 – Additional Sessions Individual
  • $150 – Additional Sessions Couples

Sessions are 50-55 minutes long.  These fees apply to in-person, phone and online sessions.  Extended sessions are billed at the same rate. 

Thirty minute online sessions available to existing clients when needed for continuity of our work together.